Welcome to Seurasaaren Kruunu

Restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu operates in a building designed by architect Frithiof Mieritz in 1890. The restaurant`s imperial hall and cabinets are mostly in their original, authentic condition. The building´s newer side was built during Helsinki´s Olympic Games in 1952.

The restaurant, cafe and cabinets combined hold approximately 450 customers including terraces. The covered terrace, which seats over 200 customers, features a view of the sea in the back of Seurasaari. Domesticity, the sea and pure ingredients are an important part of our offerings and our food is made from start to finish in our kitchen. Our food looks and tastes like it is handmade. Our cafe products vary according to the season and time of year.

Opening hours

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Parties at Seurasaari

Restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu is located in one of the most magnificent parts of Helsinki on a seaside park, easily accessible by various forms of transportation. The restaurant building, built in 1890, lies in Seurasaari´s place of honor, on the peak of a hill. A historic building, peaceful location, gorgeous nature as well as a skilled, dedicated group of staff form a perfect foundation for unforgettable parties. The warm atmospheric Seurasaaren Kruunu is a perfect place for weddings as well as many other parties and occasions. If you are searching for a comfortable party place, close to nature Seurasaaren Kruunu is a perfect option.

The restaurant, cafe and cabinet combine for 450 seats, including terraces. The restaurants old half´s stunning party hall features 80 seats as well as the second-floor cabinet which holds 50 customers and windows with a view of the main hall. The restaurant´s surrounding terrace features 200 seats and a beautiful view of the sea. Built in 1952, the buildings new half, the cafe building holds seats for 80 customers.

Together, we can hold a party that you will never forget!