Weddings at Seurasaaren Kruunu

Have an unforgettable wedding surrounded by nature in Seurasaari during mid-summer or the colorful fall. Unforgettable weddings at the historic Seurasaari are made possible by our restaurant party hall´s ancient atmosphere. Seurasaaren Kruunu offers a unique setting and atmosphere for your wedding party, whether you plan to have a large princess wedding or a small intimate wedding.

Enjoy your wedding day without a worry. Our professional team of staff will insure your party a success and keep your guests entertained.


The restaurants old half´s stunning party hall features 80 seats as well as the second-floor cabinet which holds 50 customers and windows with a view of the main hall. The restaurant´s surrounding terrace features 200 seats and a beautiful view of the sea.

Customer seats

Party Hall / Restaurant

80 seats


80 seats

Cabinets, 3 pcs

total 50 seats

Terrace with roof

approx. 200 seats


Consecration is possible at Karuna church, built in 1685, situated on the island.

Munkkiniemi church is located 2,5 kilometers away at Tiilipolku 6, 00330 Helsinki.

The nearest registry offices are located in Keilaniemi in Espoo and Kallio in Helsinki.