Seurasaari is open to all and offers a variety of outdoor activities. Seurasaari is well known for its summer squirrels, but various birds and bats can be spotted as well. There is a trail which travels along the sea, through forests and rocky hills. In addition, there are a few beaches, of which one is a nudist beach.

Get to know our tour and activity offerings

Seurasaari is the perfect place for enjoying the outdoors, sunbathing and many outdoor activities! The island´s summer birds and squirrels welcome the guests upon arrival. Restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu offers various outdoor activities along with great meals at the restaurant! Get to know our trip and activity offerings:

Wildlife adventures and natures benefits

Go on a forest nature tour along beautiful scenery of Seurasaari. The program includes a short introduction about natures benefits to your wellbeing, along with a short yoga session. During the tour you will hike and experience the energy and relaxation brought upon by the nature.

  • The tour is suitable for 10-15 people
  • Tour length: 1,5h
  • Price starting at: 43,40 €/person

Heroes of Seurasaari

Fires secrets were best known by ancient blacksmiths. In the shop, the blacksmith combined fire, water, ironstone and wind blowing from the beams. However, the fire from the blacksmiths shop escaped into the forest, threatening Seurasaari´s crofts and estates. Can we find your inner blacksmith and prevent the fire from spreading?

At the Pakopeli (escape game), we move through Seurasaari outdoor museum in search of clues and codes to help prevent the fire from spreading.

  • Ideal group size starting at 8 people
  • Time limit to find the code is 60 minutes
  • Price starting at 53,90 €/person

Flaghunt – Clan mobile sports game

In flaghunt, players or clans compete over virtual flags and finding treasures. The clans/players can also trap the oppositions routes and complicate their ability to find the flags/treasures.

  • From 30 people, up to 300 people
  • Duration 1-1,5h
  • Price starting at 22 €/person


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Seurasaari is museum island and outdoor park open to everyone in Meilahti, Helsinki. The island was originally Meilahti grazing land for foals and horses until the 1880s. Seurasaari was built into a park during the late 1800s, and quickly became a popular place to spend time, especially during the weekends. The island was a popular picnic destination and had two dance floors and a bowling alley. Originally, Seurasaari could only be accessed with the help of steamships. A bridge to the island was built in 1892.

The island´s functionality was enhanced in 1909 when Seurasaari outdoor museum was built. The outdoor museum displays ancient buildings bought in from all over the country. The museum offers a glimpse of housing, work and ways of life for the people of Finland over the past centuries. Museum buildings, built in 1600-1900 are only available to see indoors during the summer, even though the island is open year-round. The museum area accounts for about one third of the island´s area.

Museum opening hours

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