Seurasaaren Kruunu cafe

Seurasaari Kruunu is a Restaurant, Café and wonderful place to have events

Our salmon soup (incl. bread and spread) available daily from 11 noon to 4 pm | € 13.40.
Summer season has ended and À la carte menu is no longer available
Café is open wen - sun 12-19

Restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu operates in a building designed by architect Frithiof Mieritz in 1890. The restaurant`s imperial hall and cabinets are mostly in their original, authentic condition.

Café at Seurasaari Kruunu

The café serves fresh bakery goods from Kanniston Leipomo. Savoury pies as well as sweet buns and cakes are available daily. We make sure we also have gluten-free and vegan products. Our Coffee products come from Kaffa Roastery. Their coffee comes from their own roastery that is situated in Punavuori. Also available are other specialist coffees, a wide selection of teas, soft drinks and juices.

The restaurant, cafe and cabinets combined hold approximately 450 customers including terraces. The covered terrace, which seats over 200 customers, features a view of the sea in the back of Seurasaari. Domesticity, the sea and pure ingredients are an important part of our offerings and our food is made from start to finish in our kitchen. Our food looks and tastes like it is handmade. Our cafe products vary according to the season and time of year.

Dogs are also welcome to the terrace and there is also water containers available.

Restaurant À la carte Menu

Come and enjoy our Café/Restaurant and sat down to the coverred terrace to enjoy the beautiful ocean view