Seurasaaren Kruunu cafe


Café opens in May

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Helsinki Summer Olympics, and the Olympic year was also visible in Seurasaari. Seurasaari was a tourist camping site during the Olympics and was one of the most important and popular camping areas besides Lauttasaari and Lehtisaari. Seurasaari had an international atmosphere, campers came from different countries, but the French were especially fond of the island's idyll. Seurasaari had a friendly and benevolent atmosphere and friendships were established across the borders.

Tourists spent a refreshing tent life singing and dancing. During the Olympics, Seurasaari also had an open-air restaurant which offered basic Finnish dishes such as pea soup, meat soup, sausage sauce and pork sauce. Some of the campers probably also visited the summer restaurant.

Seurasaaren Kruunu vitriini

The café serves fresh bakery goods from Kanniston Leipomo. Savoury pies as well as sweet buns and cakes are available daily. We make sure we also have gluten-free and vegan products. Our Coffee products come from Kaffa Roastery. Their coffee comes from their own roastery that is situated in Punavuori. Also available are other specialist coffees, a wide selection of teas, soft drinks and juices.

Kruunu's Salmon Soup

The traditional Kruunu's salmon soup is available in the café Mon-Sun from 11 am. to 3 pm.
Salmon soup lunch 11,90 € (water, bread, coffee/tea).